New album with the name #Barevno

Lady Praga presents their third album, which is crucial and groundbreaking for the band in many respects. It is necessary to point out that the two previous records Sociální experiment / 2017 / and Bez retuší / 2018 / were a kind of record of the band's live performance. The first was a recording of a concert from the Brno club Stará pekárna and the second act was conceived by the group as a live session from the recording studio 3bees. In this respect, the third CD of the group called #barevno is unique only because it was created in the bowels of the recording studio, let's say in the classic way. 

However, all three sound recordings are connected by one important factor and that is the stable line-up of Lady Praga: Singer Veronika Bergmanová, bassist Martin Knesl, pianist Jan Kubín and drummer Karel Kříž have been together since the very beginning. Together they move and develop their composing, arranging and interpreting skills, which are again a bit further on the last record and are reflected in today's mature sound of the band. They are not afraid to experiment and invite various personalities of the music scene to cooperate, not only in the domestic field. In addition to the group's members, Brazilian jazzman Adriano Trindade, whose author's song Lady Praga has included in their repertoire, will appear on the new recordings. The duet of Veronika and Adrian in the combined Portuguese-Czech text is interesting. #Color is surprisingly more guitar than we would expect from a quartet performing without this instrument. The excellent guitarist Jakub Juránek / Věra Martinová's band /, who very sensitively and tastefully supported the current repertoire, is responsible for this. The new record is also more vocal, among other things. The singing was given a really big space and in addition to the frontwoman and the already mentioned Adrian Trindade, the vocalists Barbora Fialová, Magdaléna Řehořova and Vilemína Marhoulová are singing. Rhythm is beaten in the tried-and-tested line-up of Martin Knesl and Karel Kříž, who were again joined on percussion by music guest Adam Rek. The trumpet performed by Jan Červenka, in the song I Love TZě more and more, will also sound episodically. Melodic richness is ensured by the stable certainty of the band Jan Kubín, whose piano playing offers harmonious richness and diversity.

The material for the record was created in the middle of 2019 and part of it, the band gradually introduced the audience to concerts in the Czech lands. Author's music is the domain of the composer's tandem Martin Knesl - Jan Kubín, the lyrics come from the first one. The song I Want You to Forget sounds the songwriter Tomáš Průša, with whom the rhythm of Lady Praga once worked in the projects Andband or Tomáš Průša band.

The whole album was created on the premises of the Soundevice studio in Prague. The recording, mixing and finally mastering were conducted by the owner of the studio Boris Carloff, who also sponsored the entire album #Barevno in terms of production. Unexpectedly, he then appeared in the form of vocals on the last track of the album. The second producer who was at the origin of LadyPrag's current recordings was producer Darek Král - musician, composer, singing coach and arranger.

The title #Barevno should underline the musical diversity and variety that the band is trying to demonstrate in their current work. Her music is wrapped in the same colored packaging, which is a reproduction of a work of art by Prague artist Tereza Kotek. The photos for the album are the result of the skill of Opava photographer Petra Vavrečková.

As is already a tradition with Lady Praga, #Barevna will also feature a cover song, which this Prague formation has adapted to its taste. The album can be ordered on the band's website, or available at concerts that the group performs as part of the Tour Color.

Listen to the new Lady Praga CD, because #Barevno plays with all colors.

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