We started out journey; Crooked and definitely not easy, but the more difficult the journey is, the more adventurous and beautiful it is once the music convoy reaches the goal. This journey is called authorial creativity. It offers freedom of expression, virtual materialization of ides, an exciting process of creation and a bunch of never-ending adjustments.

Where is this formation, lacking the obligatory guitars, heading?

It is definitely following its own path and is skilfully steering between multiple music genres. To its listeners they are serving a menu based on a great work of the rhythm section; the drummer Karel Kříž and the bassist Martin Knesl combined with piano harmonies by young and talented Jan Kubín. Instrumental cast provides the support, but it also takes a back seat, when the time comes for the vocalist. Yes, Veronika Bergmanová is the centre of the attention, she is the one that brings the songs to live, she gives them the soul and with her pitch perfect vocals she interprets the stories, with urgency as well as with ease. Tailor-made, that’s how you can call the articstic work and interpretation of LadyPraga. Overall, this band gives a very homogeneous impression, and the joy that shines from their musicianship is both contagious and encouraging. 

Concert set Bez retuší is tilting towards the faster upbeat tempo, listeners will now breathe in with 3 slower tracks. The songs can be described as intelligent pop music with a bit of funk, rock, jazz or chanson. The main goal of the band is to play, play and play some more. From the little music clubs to larger concerts to festivals. And once more the already mention playing, composing, recording music videos and sharing their music “truth” with the world.